Positive thinking, the power is in your hands!

Or more accurately in your mind! Ever wonder how some people are seemingly so happy-go-lucky? There just seems to be those people who perpetually walk in the sunshine and find a four-leaf clover on every corner. These people aren’t freaks of nature however or smiled upon by a certain deity; they are simply the creators of their own world and environment. By this I don’t mean that they physically create what is in front of them (although there is a growing theory in metaphysics that this is actually the case). Rather they perceive the world as a positive, abundant place and so it begins to manifest itself in their head this way. They see the good in every situation and they extrude positivity and happiness and what they put out into the world comes back round to them!

‘All that we are is a result of what we have thought. The Mind is everything. What we think we become’ – Buddha

There are a few key tools you can put into practice today to help shift your mindset to this more productive and happy way of thinking.

Positive affirmations – Affirmations in themselves are simply the internal thoughts we have running through our minds each and every day. They affirm or strengthen an image we hold of ourselves, and the world around us in our subconscious mind, so contributing to the creation of our beliefs and our beliefs bequeath us our behaviours. Positive affirmations therefore are positive thoughts, used to shift our frame of thinking to see both ourselves and our world in a more positive light. Positive affirmations need to be present tense, positive and personal to be of use. Creating positive affirmations can be a complicated process for the uninitiated but can be brought down to a few simple steps.

• Firstly we must become aware of our internal chat or self talk, by beginning to pay attention to the thoughts running through our minds we can then identify the negative thoughts (affirmations) that are holding us back.

• Changing the connotation of these affirmations is the next essential step to shift our thinking around these issues to a more positive mindset. For example the negative affirmation ‘I am not fit enough’ may change to ‘I am improving my fitness’. This simple change in wording will instil the belief that your fitness is changing in a positive manner and so your beliefs and actions will go on to reflect this.

• Once you’ve made a list of your negative self talk and created positive affirmations from these we must then put these somewhere they will be seen, e.g. your phone background or above your kitchen sink. The key however is not to dwell on these affirmations, but take just a few moments occasionally throughout the day to focus on, and repeat these affirmations in your head. Combine this with noticing any times you think the old negative thoughts and correcting yourself, so implanting the positive ideas in your subconscious.

• Watch the good times roll, with your conscious desires and your subconscious belief now in sync you’ll notice a shift towards progress in your chosen areas, and be more aware of that progress as you’re focusing on your improvements rather than your failings.

Attitude of gratitude – Having an attitude of gratitude is simply exactly what it sounds like, taking the time to be consciously grateful for those people, events and things that are positive and good in your life. The reason the attitude of gratitude is so powerful is that by becoming aware of that which you’re grateful for you shift your mind from a state of lacking and worry to abundance and happiness. Adopting an attitude of gratitude by recognising everything big and small that augments and improves your life is a very powerful tool in shifting your thoughts towards positivity, and in practicing gratefulness you will in turn create more to be grateful for and so a powerful cycle soon develops. Two simple applications of the attitude of gratitude will help you come round this amazing change.

• Begin the day with gratitude – Take time each morning, be it in the shower, on the way to work (public transport only) or maybe when you find yourself day dreaming at your desk (wink wink), to think inwardly of the things in your life that bring you joy and keep you sane and happy and be thankful for these people, places and things.

• Keep a journal of gratitude – This one sounds pretty corny, but taking time each day to commit to paper everything you’re grateful for that happened that day will help you to reflect on the day in a positive light. This will result in you going into the evening/night with a positive view on the day, and on life in general. So allowing you to unwind in a good head space and sleep well for a bright new tomorrow filled with gratitude.

Making use of the two simple yet powerful tools in conjunction with one another will can to a massively positive shift in thinking and the results that follow may well surprise you! Just remember patience is key and these thoughts and their results will not shift over night but rather lead to a slow growth in yourself and your happiness.

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