“I have had scoliosis since I was 12, and suffered from regular lower back and neck pain since I was a teenager. After years and years of treatments in different centres and techniques I finally found Optimum. I could see immediate results after the first days, with reduced stiffness and reduced pain. I am really grateful for what the Optimum team have done for my wellness, and special thanks to Bianca for her awesome work, advice, and  positive energy you transmit.” – Juan

“I have been coming here now for about 2 years and have seen huge improvement in my posture. My spine is much less curved and I stand straighter. I think Sarah is a miracle worker.” — Jo

“I have been to many chiropractors with little success. This is by far the best chiropractor I have attended. For the first time in many years my health has improved dramatically and continues to improve.” — Akunna

“I have been suffering with a bad back and spine problem to the point where I could not sneeze or sit properly on the tube, and not to forget the sleepless nights I had because of this pain over the years. I was referred to the centre from a friend a year and a half ago. First I could not believe that something like this could ever work or help me to get rid of my pain. But after a few months I started to feel my life and habits start changing. Now, I can sleep better, I feel I have more energy and will power, and my back pain has gone. I am feeling better and better with every passion session of Chiropractic.” — Dennis

“I came to OHC because I was suffering from a foggy mind and problems articulating. At my first visit to the centre Bianca examined my spine and found subluxations in the neck area. She was very professional and explained to me why this might have happened and also how she could help. I am 5 months in and not only do I wake up most days with a clear mind, but even the acne I had also been suffering from is reduced significantly. And for all of that I just can’t even begin to thank you Bianca. You have made such a difference to my life, you have added value to my life. So thank you so much!! Hands down the best thing I’ve ever done! This centre will change your life!”

“My life has changed completely. After my first adjustment, I knew, and was sure I was finally in the hands of comone who was going to help me get better…Absolutely EVERYONE should have their spine checked!!” Posted By: Rashida

“I first came here suffering with pain in my back, neck shoulders, wrists, stiffness and numbness/tingling. I have seen noticeable improvements since coming here. I sleep better, high energy levers, feel ease in every moments of my body and in performing physical exercise. The knowledge I have gained has given me an increased health awareness in that I am responsible of what I do in order to keep well and prevent damage” Posted By: Sonia

“I have been coming to Sarah for just over 2 years now and I have found the care excellent. I have been treated for a curvature of the spine and I have greatly improved. Seeing Sarah is like visiting an old friend and she has healing hands. I would recommend Sarah to anyone.” Posted By: Arthur

“After being discharged from Orthopaedics where they couldn’t find a cause of my ankle pain and related back issues I was given a voucher by a close friend to come to Optimum Health, as I had been advised I have a slipped disc during acupuncture sessions. Even in the initial 4 weeks of my care plan, I have already started to see a big change in my pain levels and with advice from my chiropractor Bianca, I have been able to improve my wellbeing, posture and no longer need to rely on pain killers to deal with my pain.”


“Since seeing Dr Sarah “There has been a huge decrease in negative alignment and a massive increase in good posture. My energy levels have improved and there have been almost no problems with my spine. People who sit at computers all day…does sports or fitness training, and those who get ill often should have their spines checked.” Posted By: Joshua

“I used to have the feeling of too much electricity in my brain. Since coming here I no longer have that. Also, I do not have any spasms, can think more clearly, have more energy and I am very positive.” Posted By: Angela

“Dr Hart saw me about a month ago for my lower back problems which were affecting my ability to do everyday tasks. Since then I have been feeling significantly better. I have been to many doctors over the past few years and I feel that the care I have received under Dr Sarah has been the best. She is a magic lady.” Posted By: Genco

“I decided to come as I had bad posture and lower back pain about 4/5 times per week. This made me tired and feel mentally drained, sluggish. Since getting adjusted it has improved dramatically. I no longer have any back pain, have lots more energy and feel much happier. Other people have commented on my better posture and more positive personality. The Optimum team are always very friendly and helpful. Many many thanks.” Posted By: Jane

“I was experiencing burning pain across the middle of my back. Since being under care with the Optimum team my spine has been straighter and the pain is not so frequent.” Posted By: Jo